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so it all started with dance. The dancers became…

September 27, 2006

so it all started with dance. The dancers became models, their wardrobe-fashion, people, network, and even the not-so-pleasant “business” interactions and promotions. But all in all, it’s been a crazy ride. It was only a short year ago when DefMode jump started me in photography. Since then, many new lenses, second body, a photography business came and went, couple of HUNDRED THOUSANDS of frames later… I have so much to learn still.

A nice chat with Nick about style and vision. What IS my style? I’m starting to recognize it, but do I like it? It’s me, that’s what I see and what I keep, so I must love it… right? Maybe it’s a self-actualization sort of thing. Self confidence? worth?

and Vision…. my vision? what do I really want to see happen with my photography? without the drive from the NEED to make money with it… perhaps I’m at a better place than many other who are riding on the pressure to make money with their art. Would I benefit from the occasional tug and pull though? It would be nice if it’s all positive re-enforcement. =)

Man, my Internet connection is driving me crazy. Comcast is threatening to charge me $50 if they found my computer to be the problem. The upload speed is 40kb/s and the connection gets cut off 2, 3 times a day. Time to look in to DSL instead.

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