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New server!!

February 26, 2007

wow… what a day!! I’ve just switched my server to … and what a huge task that was! But it’s all so much worth the work. The fact that I’m even bothering to make this WordPress entry says more than you know. I was soo frustrated with how slow WordPress was running. I figure the surest way to speed things up is to host it on my own server…. then of course the problem arrises with installation…etc. So, there it goes… another spontaneous shopping spree… opened up that wallet and got a new server… then found out all the new support that Dreamhost provides and over-all ease of use turns out to be so many times better than the previous server… not to mention the space!! 347GB of space and 3.47TB of bandwidth a month !! Unheard of!! So go there and pick up your butt-load of space and bandwidth! Tell them I sent you so I can get a discount on my monthly fee… use my leochenrn@gmail account.

Ok…. now I can go back to work on the wedding photos… =)

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