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Living in Seattle, I’m surrounded by people who ca…

February 17, 2007

Living in Seattle, I’m surrounded by people who call themselves “computer programmers,” “graphic designers,” and all the high-tech related titles. Most the time, they really aren’t all that good, but once in a long while, you meet someone who actually does it for a living, and does it well. Today, I “met” one of such person… actually he’s not even from Seattle… he lives in Honolulu, in fact… I didn’t just meet him…. I knew him since I was 12 years old!

Truman Leong. He’s not only a real computer genius, he’s truly a gentleman and a scholar. Even back in grade school, I remember he was the teacher’s favorite helper, and when there’s a new, shy, student who joined the class mid-school year, the teacher would pair Truman with him to help him catch up and introduce him to the rest of the class (yes, that new kids was me.) Truman, of course, went to the most prestigious high school in Hawaii (Punaho) follow by years at University of Hawaii. Many years later, we found eachother again some how, updated on eachother’s lives, and lost touch again.

Today, out of the blue, I received an email from him saying that he randomly came across those email exchange we had a couple of years ago and thought he would drop me a few lines. I found out the great news that he just got married with his beautiful bride Elizabeth. His company Ascribe Data Systems that he started from the ground up is doing well. So I checked it out… Wow!! I couldn’t even believe such a thing even existed!! I know of so many “web designers” in Seattle, and honestly… his stuff put them all to shame !! It’s so big, smart and comprehensive, I don’t know why everybody’s not subscribing to his service!

Anyway… I have a big smile on my face right now because once in a while, I get to see a real genuinely nice guy gets rewarded for what he puts in. And I hope and pray that there are greater and more wonderful things that will come his way.

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