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While processing additional proof photos for Kat…

October 3, 2006

While processing additional proof photos for Katrina and Justin wedding, I’ve come to realize how much improvements I’ve already made to post-processing in a short 3 months since first worked on the proofs. I can think of things like bumping up the contrast and saturation much generously and knowing how to compensate warmness with decreased contrast and vice-versa depending on the given exposure and time of day. Pictures that were once rubbish or “black and white” are now perfectly presentable photos in all its living colors.

I was also able to resurrect the once given up software, the Noise Ninja for shots done with high ISO. Also finding it useful for softening up skins, giving that velvety, soft look. Perhaps my taste had change a little, but hopefully it’s because my photo skill had improved some, especially in the area of exposure control, and bringing home more workable digital information to play with. And over all, improvement on using all of my tools, from choosing the subject, location, time, to equipment, settings, software, and whatever compensation needed to produce more desirable final product.


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